Legal Services

Legal Services

These are just a sample of the many ways Murray can assist you in preparing and executing your estate planning to suit your particular needs.

This list is non-exhaustive and we can work with you on custom requests.


In the event of both parents passing away, a Deed of Guardianship can be used to appoint guardians of the minor children and provide guidelines in relation to the caring and well-being of such minor children.

A Deed of Guardianship must be in writing and dated and signed by the parents making the Deed of Guardianship before two witnesses. 

A deed of appointment of temporary guardianship (“DTG”) is a document that ensures that your minor children are protected and taken care of by those you trust during unforeseen circumstances.

Estate Planning 

Everyone has possessions they will leave behind when they die. It consists of everything you own: your home, any other piece of real estate, car, furniture, and other personal possessions.

It also includes all your finances, investments, and life insurance. The value of each one may be modest but they all form part of your estate – something you can’t take with you when you die.

Many people think estate planning just means preparing a will, but it covers much more than that. It is, in fact, just as crucial as retirement planning because you want it to last your lifetime and pass along all your assets to your loved ones.

Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney provides you with the option to choose who makes decisions for you rather than a court.

When a person signs a power of attorney, and later becomes incapacitated and unable to make decisions, the attorney (agent) named can step into the shoes of the incapacitated person.

Cross-border Asset Management

Internationalization of both Asian and non-Asian clients and a cross-jurisdictional spread of family assets means much more complex succession and tax issues.

The focus of estate planning nowadays has shifted to the efficiency of cross-border asset management and alleviating the pain and trouble of the often cumbersome bureaucratic process.

Contentious Probate  

When complications arise, these often relate to foreign grants, assets in other jurisdictions, the validity of the will or inheritance provision for dependents, shares in the family businesses, tax or domicile issues.

Our team guides clients in tracing and reporting on assets, and complying with regulatory requirements in Hong Kong and internationally. We also work closely with other professional advisors to achieve successful estate outcomes.